Music is the most abstract and moving of artistic media, invisible soundwaves unfolding in real time to palpably express the human spirit. Of all the acoustic instruments, piano is the most versatile vessel for sonic expression, resulting in every style from baroque to blues, ragtime to rock. Eight-eight bits of clay to mold into countless aural landscapes.

I first got my hands into that clay at age four when we inherited an old, anonymous, upright piano, and I’ve been shaping worlds of sound ever since. I invite you to join me on these musical excursions. While there are titles and themes to guide your way, you are free to travel anywhere the music takes you. The point is to set mind in motion. Toward what and to what end is for you to decide, but enjoy the sounds along the way: solo piano to move your soul and trip your imagination...






"Sonare" (Studio Version)

*Go to YouTube for more piano videos from The Face Zone.

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