Friday, August 31, 2018

Can't Crop A Giraffe

You can’t crop a giraffe.

You can’t make a cat follow the rules.

Can’t make a kazoo subtle, and plaid always takes over the outfit.

Weeds will continue to sprout wherever, as sand won’t stay on the beach, as water finds its way out of any vessel.

Every rumor spreads like fire, like they’ll never censor every curse word.

You can’t force art inside the lines.

You can’t keep a viral trend from its time.

Nothing restrains true love or righteous revolution.

And yet all poems…

Must come to an end.

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*The Face Zone is also a live show with music.


  1. So awesome. This line struck a chord as Punk is running headlong against political correctness "You can’t force art inside the lines.". So many bands getting blacklisted now for doing exactly what punk bands are supposed to do, push the limits.

    Your Bro,

  2. You can’t force art inside the lines. Yes, Marty. Part of the reason I'm leaving university music teaching. Not much art going on.

    1. Indeed, my friend. And yet you and PSU were such an important phase in my development! Between you, Steven Smith, Mike Kosak, and Ken McCarthy, I had seriously good luck in crossing paths with great, influential talents...