Friday, July 13, 2018

Faraway Needs

The less accessible a thing, the greater our desire. Like a cat incessantly scratching at a closed door while indifferently disregarding the open one next to it, we come to obsess over what we can’t have.

Those late-night munchies intensify once you see that the takeout place is dark and closed for the evening. Husbands yearn for the woman next door as they lay close to their wives. Compare the panicked sprint of finding a job to the dreadful slow-walk toward the time clock; then you slump at your work station, lamenting all you could get done if only you were at home, but come your day off you’ll procrastinate that to-do list like a root canal.

The largest economy on Earth is a carrot on a stick. The American dream is a long con of unfulfilled appetite, where every ad campaign presents a hole and sells the filler. How many companies would collapse if we recognized that fulfillment comes from within—the shortest distance of all?

We reach for faraway wants, leaning ever farther away from our innermost needs.

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