Friday, March 3, 2017

Tabloid Carnival

We've come to value attention over the reason for it, turning heads by any means necessary.

But there's only so much meaningful notoriety to go around, and most of us aren't going to come up with a vaccine or win a Grammy.

So fools rush center stage, bucking and braying for the camera like jackasses! Each resounding hee-haw lowering the standard for recognition as it drowns the signal in dumb, hollow noiseand the country is too busy taking a cinnamon challenge to vote down the forces taking our future.

To influence this circus, the visionaries will have to get a lot louder and learn to juggle.  Chainsaws. On a flaming unicycle.

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  1. Oh really? I mean its seriously true.I am so please to see your post that i can't some up in words. Dumb faces should smile now because its fun time. Thank you for so nice post.

  2. Hopefully, it won't remain true for too much longer...