Friday, February 12, 2016

Xander's Stenographer

People form strange tribes. No matter how intense or esoteric the interest, there's an established fraternity, sorority, or secret society of its aberrant connoisseurs and practitioners.

Rocky Horror Picture Show reenactors. Plushie fetishists. Freemasons. Nazis. The Mid-Atlantic Conference of Albino Born-Again Vegan Weavers.   

Each organization has a recorder, someone whose role is to be present, document, and distribute information to the group. When a club's charter is ethically questionable, or markedly vile, one wonders how its secretary can so passively bear witness. These recruits deserve our contempt and appreciation: they don't try to stop it, but they amass indefensible evidence making it harder for inhumanity to repeat itself.

Those un-swatted flies on the walls of history.

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