Friday, May 1, 2015

Incident in Nevada

The nature of government is to be opaque, to underinform its public.  Baseless conspiracy theories aside, there's been more than enough scandal uncovered to extrapolate that, generally, the fix is in. The more that average citizens stand to lose, the thicker the smokescreen.

Once in a while, a disturbing truth is so conspicuous that hiding it is as futile as covering a Christmas tree with a sheet.  Unfortunately, sensitive facts usually pan out in hard-to-connect fragments, if at all, which is why justice needs vigilance.  Hunting fraud is like suppressing an insect colony. When you spot that first kitchen bug, it alerts you to the many others in the walls and you take steps to drive them away. Conversely, each cover-up that remains so sets precedent for the next dangerous secret, just as an unseen roach is free to lay more eggs. 

So get curious, raise questions, and learn from every lie brought to light.

Because corruption grows best in the dark.

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