Saturday, April 18, 2015

Moose of the Future

Affecting the future is one thing―we've done enough of that already―but predicting it with certainty can be as futile as changing the past.

Just ask the limping jaywalker who thought he had enough time to make it across. Or the movie studios that turned down Star Wars. The women married to serial killers.

Remarkably, we spend most of our time and energy in relentless anticipation: making plans, generating to-do lists, buying insurance, calling elections years ahead of the vote, reading palms, placing bets, checking the weather, parenting and teaching to shape next generations...

The essential truth about things to come is that they will be familiar and different. The fortuneteller senses the love, not the lover. Though snow falls as forecasted, schools open on time. Surely your child will inherit your eyes, but what will she see with them?  

In aspects large and small, consequential and trivial, tomorrow... next year... next century... the path holds as many surprise ricochets as calculated trajectories.

And weird moose.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Cheerleader Eater

Horror fiction loves to pulverize beauty. 

Not so different from nonfiction, really.

Less perilous to be putrid than pretty.

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*The Face Zone is also a live show with music.