Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rejects of Greek Mythology

One of our most salient human characteristics is our capacity for storytelling. Stories entertain, move, and shape us. They document, explain, and instruct.

Some narratives are so powerful, so thoroughly internalized by a population, they have a greater impact than bombs.  Certainly, many weapons have been discharged in defense of one coveted tale over another.

As much sway as stories hold over us, they're an arbitrary force we manufacture. Accounts become so old and well-known we forget they could have followed a different plot line. 

Imagine if we had access to rough drafts. What if Medusa had a scalp of golden roses and transformed people into pure chi? What if Robert Frost had taken the highway? How about a female Christ? In an alternate version, we may just as easily have spent a childhood leaving quarters under our pillows for the Scab Fairy.

A revised manuscript may well alter the course of an entire culture.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Lightning Spike

Sweltering in wait. First hopefully, then patiently, then desperately.


Enduring the laser of a burning predicament. (Some of us are better at starting fires than putting them out.)

Hot, punishing stillness.

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*The Face Zone is also a live show with music.