Friday, August 8, 2014


Decision makers who set the most destructive self-serving policies rarely face the millions they impact. When we're denied, disenfranchised, outsourced, and outraged, we don’t get to look our antagonist in the eye. We’re left instead to condemn the marionettes in lieu of their puppeteer.

After the expensive printer you ordered arrives made of cardboard and malfunctions accordingly, you don't get to chew out the executive who opted for cheaper parts and labor while charging the same price. A battered customer service rep will absorb that hostility. As you get word that your medical procedure isn't covered by insurance―despite the thousands you've bled in premiums and the thousands more the company's made investing them―the loathsome messenger will be another working stiff with the same insufficient coverage. When elected representatives stop representing us, our complaints are handled by staffers, our protests met by police.

It's time the disgruntled correct this nearsightedness and hold the right characters accountable. If a mass wrong is perpetrated, go after the mastermind before his minions. 

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