Monday, April 21, 2014

Crab Detector

Though our surroundings are bannered with slogans of freedom and choice, it's the American way to conform.  Starting in grade school, being hard to predict and categorize brings suspicion, teasing, and incorrect answers on standardized assessments. As adults, recess and bubble tests are replaced with other settings and measures equally intolerant of our idiosyncrasies. 

Thankfully―necessarily―there remain boldly unusual characters who maintain and unapologetically celebrate their difference. Standout souls too rare to care about the heckler's ridicule. Defiers of the status quo. 

If not for our imagination, what makes us human?

I'm not sure what this arbitrary image from my headspace is, but that's the purpose of a blank canvas: to invite originality. Sometimes a new idea gains meaningful traction and becomes usable. Other times it turns out an impractical novelty and just fades away like a contrail to nowhere.  Regardless, the creative act has value because it's a thrill in itself, and propels further creativity and eventual change.  Without it, we lap a tired, redundant track.

Damn it!

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*The Face Zone is also a live show with music.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


A particular sense of humor, or lack thereof, reveals much about an individual and your odds of getting along.  Has anyone ever had a humorless best friendship?

It's especially unfortunate when procreational fate pairs one with an unsympathetic sibling. A childhood desaturated by petty conflict and underappreciated punch lines.

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*The Face Zone is also a live show with music.