Saturday, January 11, 2014


Is there any such thing as a secret in the twenty-first century?  Try as we may, we're bound to leave an electronic trail when so many of our transactions and interactions are mediated by gadgetry. In the end, even the careful technophile can't dodge the most determined, resourced extractors of information. If the Man wants to know, he will.

I guess the last place left to hide is our dreams.

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  1. probably my fave so far. most easily accessible, relateable...and ironically 9if i am using that word correctly) least cerebral.

  2. I suppose we can tuck our deep secrets away in the dream sectors of the mind....for now that is.
    Eventually "The Man" will find a willing Steve Jobs to develop the DPU; Dream Puller Unit and yes it will be Blue Tooth enabled.

    1. And, by then, people will be eagerly lining up around the block to have it installed. : - | >

    2. There will be an app for that!

  3. At first I thought, WOW, Marty drew my cookie jar! But then - but then you made me think.
    No good thought goes uncharted.