Saturday, January 4, 2014

Big Earl

Some souls are misguided, make bad decisions, and endure a social, physical, or emotional consequence. They balance their moral debt sheet with sacrifice, discomfort, and (hopefully) remorse. They aren't necessarily bad at heart and may have turned out differently under other conditions.

Frustratingly, there are others―real bastards―who never pay for the destructive, self-serving choices that they make, at least not in this lifetime.

What about those who get away with it? Assuming an afterlife, does some sort of metaphysical justice await in a cosmic court on the other side? Does it even matter considering that the sentence wouldn't prevent the harm already done? (Futile or not, part of me can't help wishing flames upon them.)

If such a spiritual penal system does exist, there are particular beings among us who surely have or will serve time there: serial killers, ruthless dictators, human traffickers, rapists, swindlers, Vikings, persistent telemarketers, the inventor of Styrofoam packing peanuts...

And this character.

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