Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mutoided Licky Slop Hoses

Bone. Marrow. Cartilage. Tendons. Teeth. Nails. Hair. Pubic hair. Flesh. Scalps. Gums. Lining. Folds. Pits. Pores. Sphincters. Nostrils. Throats. Tongues. Teats. Sinuses. Tubes. Canals. Veins. Ducts. Bowels. Bladders. Stomachs. Eyeballs. Glands. Plasma. Pus. Wax. Sweat. Drool. Snot.  Bile. Piss. Gas. Funk. Dung. Dander. Boogers. Eye boogers. Scabs. Acne. Blisters. Ulcers.  Cavities. Calluses. Moles. Warts. Cysts. Tumors. Fungi. Bacteria. Cooties. Absorbed twins...

For being so beautiful, life is made up of some pretty gross shit. 

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*The Face Zone is also a live show with music.

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