Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tender Little Geekling

Smallness seems inversely related to ugliness and tends to neutralize otherwise unattractive features. The very same qualities that repel us in large creatures become tolerable―even adorable―in tiny ones. 

The fattest baby is first to be fawned over, but if she stays that way she'll be last to the prom. The squashed, salivary nature of a pug is irresistible while the equally droopy walrus is far less endearing up close. E.T. was a slimy, gangly bowel movement with a kazoo voice, but he was totally cute relative to H.R. Giger's towering, exoskeletal Alien.

When he's fully grown, we'll likely flee in revulsion from this awkward, bucktoothed monstrosity. For now, he's just a vulnerable wittle weirdo crying out for a coo-chee-coo.

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