Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cosmic Blues

We take ourselves seriously and our pain personally. Preoccupied with a particular plight or cause, we elevate our own trials and overlook the trying position of others:

“My life sucks. No one gets me. You wouldn't understand.”

“They're the enemy, not like us. Expendable! Do what you need to do.”

“Listen kid, just wait till you're older with real, adult problems.”

“Go ahead, dude. It's only a frog. I bet it won't even feel it...”

Of course, friction rubs us all.  Perhaps we're more aware of it than fish, and fish more aware than the coral they nibble at, but suffering is an interconnecting theme.  Presidents, bus drivers, cats, and trees―they each have bad days, obstacles to circumvent, entropy to manage. 

When we recognize that difficulty is shared, that our burdens are not unique, it humbles and connects us. In place of resentment and isolation, we develop empathy and community, which in turn encourages cooperation and peace.

First-world problems, third-world problems, otherworldly problems. Struggle is a universal constant.

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  1. I wonder what it must be like to be a tree having a bad day.

    I always felt pretty bad for the frogs, to be honest.

    1. For the trees, I can imagine termites, strong winds, and/or lumberjacks being a problem. As for the frogs, there are any number of recipes and 13-year-old boys with wiffle ball bats to evade. : - | >

  2. This really spoke to me. Thanks!

    I feel bad for turtles trying to cross the road from lovely ditch to lovely ditch. . .