Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bridge Masonry

Human endeavor is loaded with consequential un-intentions. Penicillin only came to light after a Scottish scientist forgot to put a lid on a Petri dish.  Selenium runoff from mining helped two-headed fish make their debut.  You think anyone envisioned hot dog mac and cheese? That happened when a mom needed something quick and fattening to shut her kids up. And, as it turns out, milk crates make even better space organizers for college dorms.

The impact of such fortuity is positive or negative depending on the context.  In this case, I imagine the construction crew were quite concerned upon realizing they accidentally built a tunnel monster.

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  1. Ha! Good thing history brought us that Penicillin. I'd rather not catch cold from a monstrous tunnel (in addition to being eaten, or whatever else it would do).