Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Square Root of Pookey

Math cannot account for everything. Numbers certainly describe the physical universe in exponential detail, but they don't directly capture the aesthetic, spiritual essence of things.

So much of our personal experience has been quantified, though. Food as we calculate calories. Play as we accumulate points. Community as we collect online "friends." Thinking itself as we scribble in standardized-test ovals. 

The main influence is the pervasive computer technology that mediates our reality, technology that's numerical by definition. The more time we spend around machines, the more we act like them.

But enlightenment can't be counted. Solving for won't explain the concept of honor. A barcode is incapable of translating the bitter disdain of a drunken midget at a tall party.  We need discourse to unlock quality, whether the subject is sports, cuisine, relationships,  education, or Pookey, whatever he is.

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*The Face Zone is also a live show with music.


  1. Strange, that I find JACKS come to mind, swiftly followed by PICK-UP-STICKS! Why? I have no idea! Perhaps it's because one does have to interact, on a one to one basis. Not only that, these old games are fun to play. Games create discourse, boisterous repartee, especially if any form of alcohol is involved. Add money to the scenario and voila you have the potential for conversation that can get down and dirty.
    No matter what ~ actually interacting with another human being ~ or Pookey ~ is always more fun than just texting the person standing next to you.
    Pick a little - talk a little - pick a little, talk a little, pick, pick, pick, talk a lot, pick a little bit! Truer words have never been spoken.

  2. I’ve always had this thought: the day when aliens come from outer space to enslave us all, the thing that will keep us together so we can steal their technology to kick their asses is not gonna be math or science. But then again, sometimes when I read the news, I think maybe they should come and do with us what they will.