Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Nova Pods

We all come from star stuff, according to astrophysicists. I may assume, then, that at least one of the particles of my inner left elbow was once part of a distant sun.

Equally impressive, as vast and complex as the universe is, its entirety is comprised of a limited set of elements. Science intervenes at times, directing those building blocks of matter to become this or that.  Sometimes the cosmos spits out a platypus on its own.

What the bleep is the thing in this picture? What series of un/natural molecular events unfolded to result in such foreboding weirdness?

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1 comment :

  1. Foreboding? How dare you even suggest I look foreboding? I might look a little off or a little worse for the weather, but FOREBODING?? How about you just ask! Just ask, OK!! Yes, it was a rough night. I know I don't look or feel my best but give me a little time and I will perk up! How much time do I have? Wait
    ~ the universe is spinning out of control now ~
    I believe I must attend to my cosmos the elements are coming to take me away. OK, I'll have another, but make it to go!