Saturday, March 30, 2013

Poor Margaret

Oh, the practical jokes our bodies play on us in adolescence. If you're male, maybe you leave eighth grade as a boy and return in ninth as a braying, acne-peppered jackass with the libido to match. For the girls, perhaps you experience an awkward growth spurt where you're taller than the boys' basketball team for half a year, and in 3-D. 

We all pass through that budding stage of youth, but there are those who experience the changes more acutely in a sort of biological boot camp.  I felt sorry for those kids in school even while I was almost one of them. To those genetically unlucky juveniles, life's just a hot, humid storm of hormones, man.

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  1. Unfortunately for some, and the rest of humanity, they NEVER respond positively to the changes they are subjected to in life. Growing up can be a bitch!

  2. I'm worried and a touch self-conscious that you chose Margaret for this girl's name. ;-)