The Face Zone is available in print―110 pages of art and text to trip your imagination. The book is an 8.5" x 8.5" paperback with introduction, 50 pictures, 50 writings, table of contents, and index. The images range from color to B&W, from drawing to digital painting to photo illustration. The content is a balance of new material and pieces from The price is $20. Scroll down to view samples.

Two ways to order:
  • Paypal Martin Graff at: If you need it shipped, add $5 per copy and include the recipient's name and address in the message.

The Face Zone: open the cover―open your mind!  
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Judging a book by its cover.

And its back cover.

This isn't some spineless publication.

What's inside...

"Welcome to The Face Zone"

"Hatched into Hunger" & " Roman Road"

"Sígnatéur" & "Cocktail Chic"
Closing remarks.

Sometimes you want to go back...